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The Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 (OHSA), states that it's the duty of the employer to provide and maintain a working environment that's safe and without risk to the health and safety of employees.

We specialize in Occupational Health and safety. Our aim is to ensure that all Employers comply legislation 

Aquo Vadis will conduct monthly inspections and provide our client with a detailed report outlining:

1. The compliance of documentation.

2. The Status Quo of the safety procedures.

3. Observation of overall work safety Environment.

4. Deviation of safe working practice and safe working procedures.

5. Investigation of all injuries and damaged property.

6. If and when required facilitate safety meetings.


Aquo Vadis will also conduct full safety audits, give advice on implementation & monitoring of safety plans. We also provide in-house training if the client needs it in the workplace.