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We offer a variety of services which include an employee recording keeping system, Payroll outsourcing and specialized disciplinary hearings. we guarantee outcomes to be in-line with legislation and will give the employer representative a fair opportunity to defend dismissal safely in the CCMA.

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We pride ourselves for the past 20 years to provide hands-on services. we have now added a paperless system to manage your employment administration. This new product will enhance your daily task and allow you to concentrate on the more important aspects of your company

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It is not always financially possible to employ a full time Human Resource Manager, we therefore provide an affordable Personal Management service.

Aquo Vadis will deliver the following  HR services to our client:

1. UIF and the registration of Employers / Employees.

2. Handling of CCMA cases and Bargaining Council negotiations.

3. Consultation with Retrenchment process.

4. Drafting of Employment Contracts / Appointment Letters.

5. Disciplinary hearings / Appeal Hearings.

6. Union negotiations.

7. Handling of strikes / Lock-outs.

8. Payslips (If required)

9. Handling of injuries on duty and the claims thereof.

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